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Raise your frequency faster than you ever knew possible.

Activate dormant DNA, raise your frequency, and open to new energy and awareness.

Energy Awareness & Skills Development - Level 1

This easy-to-use level one course will help you develop your ability to alter the frequencies of your thoughts and change how you perceive and interact with the world all around you.

You will begin to experience a higher level of conscious awareness manifesting BREAKTHROUGHS in many areas of your life where you have remained stuck.

In just 30 days this will have a significant positive effect on how you:

✨ make choices
✨ nurture relationships
✨ see and interact with the world.

In this gift you will receive:

✅ 1 Light code activation video
✅ 12 audio modules with accompanying worksheet PDF
✅ VIP invites to monthly channeled energy update calls with Mark Hollenstein & The ✨Master’s of Light✨

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The simple exercises outlined in each module will allow you to experiment with energy tools with unmatched power.

You will receive guidance and encouragement from The ✨Masters of Light ✨ channeled through energy intuitive Mark Hollenstein.

Listen to one audio at the beginning of each month. Focus on those tools and insights for the next 30 days to build your skills and awareness around each tool.

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